A wearable device designed to provide a musical experience to children in the Deaf community.


A smart-speaker with animatronic components.

Sketch Arm

A scara-style plotting arm that can draw out images... or scribbles.

An interactive, game device that can play checkers. Made part of the senior design project course.


The classic kid's game redesigned with three new, unique inputs. Made part of an introductory design course.


A take on the infamous contraption as a first pass learning PCB design. Made part of an introductory design course.


Who am I?

I am an undergraduate engineering student who is passionate about multidisciplinary work combining the areas of engineering, art, and design. I will be completing my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh, I created this site from scratch (with some help from Bootstrap components here and there) to display projects featuring a combination of course-led ideas and original work.

Throughout my college career I have gained experience in embedded systems, graphics rendering, human-centered design, rapid prototyping, and other skills surrounding electronics and their interactions with the physical world. I aspire to keep exploring this realm of hybrid work, and continue creating unique experiences for people.